Real Stevia Leaf

Real Stevia Leaf

ZEVIA’s sweetness comes mostly from stevia, an herb many times sweeter than sugar. We sourced the best tasting stevia (or so we thought).

We have always sought to make ZEVIA even better if possible. We often taste test with formula tweaks, and with other ingredients, including other types of stevia. These taste tests just reinforced that we already had the best formula possible — until now.

Beginning in March, ZEVIA will have the most significant flavor enhancement in our young history. Our next production will be with stevia that to our surprise tastes substantially better than the stevia we currently use. We didn’t think we could make it better, and we are ecstatic that the next version of ZEVIA will have the familiar taste you enjoy, with a much cleaner sweetness. The ZEVIA coming to you in 2009 will be labeled a “soda” as opposed to a “carbonated stevia supplement” due to new FDA approvals; and you will be amazed at how great it tastes. Of course, ZEVIA will always be 100% natural with zero calories.

Standby, we’re just a few weeks from launch of the ZEVIA that will be undisputedly the best tasting diet soda on the planet! Chill and Enjoy!



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