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We are very excited that today, BevNet released its review of ZEVIA®. Some highlights:

  • Cola – “The cola flavor is better than what you’d find in a Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, with a more natural and balanced taste.”
  • Ginger Ale – “Overall, the best diet ginger ale we’ve ever sampled”
  • Root Beer – “Root Beer is another Zevia flavor that really exceeded our expectations, especially since quality diet root beers are hard to come by . . . Combine that with just the right level of sweetness and carbonation and this is a very well formulated product . . . and it’s definitely our choice as far as diet root beers go.”
  • Black Cherry – “Zevia’s Black Cherry should be a hit with drinkers who try this lineup . . . Overall, a very enjoyable product that’s in a league of its own as far as diet carbonated soft drinks go.”
  • Twist – “Of the lineup, this was one of our favorite Zevia flavors . . . Twist has very accurate and refreshing lemon and lime flavors . . . Packaging fits with the other Zevia flavors, featuring the cleverly designed Zevia logo (complete with a leaf in place of the dot on the “I”) and there are multiple callouts to the product’s natural formulation.”
  • Orange – “For Zevia, the execution of this drink is quite good, with just the right amount of orange flavor, sweetness, and carbonation . . . Overall, a cleanly executed product both in package and flavor.”

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