Some days it’s a miracle that a healthy dinner gets on the table. It’s basically all we can do to make it happen and of course, there will be a pre-dinner snack. Some kids just cannot wait in between meals, especially as they are growing. So how do you find time to consistently monitor what they reach for, offer only the healthiest solutions and not drive yourself crazy trying to prepare meal on top of meal? We suggest making the “Anytime Snack List”. Our friend Shane, otherwise known as The People’s Chemist, uses this with his adorable kids, and sure enough, these smart little people can school most adults in what not to eat and more importantly, they have developed a taste for healthy snacks! Check her out here!

A few tips for a healthier, easier snacking –
* Create a snack station! Our friends at Real Simple posted this a while back and we just love it!
* Work with your kids to write out the anytime snack list so they feel involved.
* Involve them in the grocery shopping and then preparation of the fruits, veggies and snack stations when you can.

So what’s on the list? Here are a few of our favorites –
* Beverages – Zevia, water and milk are all we serve
* Fruits – berries, apples or watermelon chunks are great and in season right now
* Veggies – we pre-cut veggies into slices or strips for easy eating (and sometimes dipping if needed)
* Nut or Seed Butter like Peanut, Almond or Sunflower – great for fruit dipping, on a cracker or even alone as a small spoonful
* Hummus – good for veggie dipping
* Grains – we try to choose whole wheat or multigrain options. There are even awesome gluten-free choices now!
* Nuts & Seeds – great, easy sources of protein and filling!
* Eggs – hardboiled are easy to serve, low in calories and super filling
* Dairy – yogurt & string cheese or cheese cubes

So what do you give your kids for snacks? How do you make it easiest on yourself? Our favorite 3 tips submitted through our Facebook wall or Twitter page will win a free 6pk of Zevia!


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