Do you hate when you get to that last sip, knowing that you want just a little more? We do.

Annoucing the launch of the TALL BOY! (or TALL GIRL, either way.) 16 ounces of guilt-free, delicious, healthier soda stuff! Always zero calories, all natural and sweetened withs stevia.

16oz ZEVIA cans are currently available in the cold box of many Whole Foods Market stores. This new single serving of your favorite diet soda alternative is available in Cola, Ginger Root Beer, Cream Soda and Lemon Lime Twist.

We’ll let you know as these become available in new flavors and retailers. Better yet, tell us where you want them. In your favorite lunch time spot? Airport? Movie theater?

If you find them in the store, snap a pic. We might just send you something awesome!


Announcing our biggest, and best contest yet . . . A to ZEVIA!

Snap a picture of a can of ZEVIA with something that starts with the letter of the day and upload to the contest on our Facebook page. We will choose a winner EVERY DAY to receive a free 6pk of ZEVIA! 26 daily winners will be chosen!

On 6/27, we’ll combine all daily winners into a gallery and the entry with the most votes by 6/30 will win a 6 month supply of ZEVIA. 2nd and 3rd prizes awarded as well!

You have to play to win! And what could be better than winning ZEVIA?
Official contest rules and regulations will be posted on on 6/1/11.


That’s right! A member of the Z team had a birthday. In true ZEVIA fashion, we celebrated with no sugar added cupcakes. Best part yet, these vegan and Kosher cupcakes were made with ZEVIA! Do you want the most simple, tasty, guilt-free recipe? You got it!

1 Box Cake Mix, we used Cherrybrook Kitchen from Whole Foods Market. (A brand we dig!)
1 Can ZEVIA, any flavor you want.
Mix together & bake as directed.

We chose a little Dr. Zevia mixed with chocolate cake and Zevia Cream Soda mixed with vanilla cake, but really, the possibilities are endless.

Anxious for a little sugar free frosting? Whip together some cream cheese, a few stevia packets and vanilla extract. SUGAR FREE PERFECTION!

These diet soda cakes are not to be missed. Whip some up this weekend. And as always, share your creations!


We had the pleasure of sampling Zevia at the 102.7 KIIS FM Wango Tango concert a couple of weeks ago.

Highlight of the event – meeting Jason Derulo! We were smitten kittens! What a nice guy. Now we can officially say, what great taste!

Jason fell in love with Zevia Cream Soda and you know what, we were crushing hard right back. Great soda, great music, great company!


Looking for a zero calorie mixer for your favorite cocktails? Look no further! ZEVIA All Natural Soda is the zero calorie solution for a diet cocktail that tastes indulgent.

Live in the Southern California area? Pick up ZEVIA and your favorite libations at BevMo! Click the logo for a store in your area!

What should you mix? The possibilities are endless! Here are a few of our favorites.

Mozeto – White Rum, Muddle Lime & Mint, Soda Water & ZEVIA Lemon Lime Twist
BCVZ – Vanilla Vodka & ZEVIA Black Cherry
Zeven & Seven – Seagram’s Seven & ZEVIA Lemon Lime Twist
Jack & Ginger – Jack Daniels & ZEVIA Ginger Ale
Root Beer Float – Vanilla Vodka & ZEVIA Ginger Root Beer
Apple Twist – Apple Vodka & ZEVIA Lemon Lime Twist
Zemosa – A Dry, Sparkling Wine or Champagne, Orange Peel & Zest, ZEVIA Orange
Z Royale – A Dry, Sparkling Wine or Champagne, ZEVIA Black Cherry and berries to garnish
Whipped Cream – Whipped Cream Vodka, ZEVIA Cream Soda & a slash of bitters
Jack McCream – Jack Daniels, ZEVIA Cream Soda & a slash of bitters
Grapple – Apple Flavored Vodka & ZEVIA Grape Soda
Zalty Dog – Gin, ZEVIA Grapefruit Citrus and a Salted Rim

The Whipped Cream! Super delish!

Have another? Email your suggestion to us at and perhaps your cocktail will be our feature of the week!


We are all about making the best, most delicious healthy soda. But we all agree, just because its good for you, doesn’t mean that taste is any less important. Therefore, at the end of 2010, we took a cold hard look at our Lemon Lime Twist and just knew we could do better!

TA DA! We proudly present the NEW & IMPROVED ZEVIA Lemon Lime Twist. A balanced blend of citrus oils and stevia, perfectly carbonated to be the most refreshing alternative to mainstream artificial or calorie laden sodas. We hope that you will find this new look and improved flavor as delicious as we do.

Did you try the old Lemon Lime Twist? Have you tried the new one? Shoot us an email at and tell us what you think!


Spring means baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and ZEVIA! Look at these little tball sluggers. After every game, inevitably kids go looking for snacks and drinks, and while sugary juice boxes are often the fall back, now your little batters can enjoy a cool refreshing sweet soda that has NONE of the high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, chemicals or preservatives found in traditional sodas. We have the flavors kids love: root beer, black cherry, and orange among them. So don’t forget ZEVIA at your next baseball outing.

Play Ball! … Chill & Enjoy! (and GO little league ZEVIA IronBirds and little league ZEVIA Cardinals!!)


ZEVIA was happy to be a sponsor at one of our annual events, Vegetarians of Washington’s VEG FEST. Many people recognize the health and other benefits of vegetarian food choices, but they are not sure what to eat, what to buy and how to cook it. This annual festival provides all the ideas vegetarians and wanna be vegetarians need … and, its a lot of delicious fun! There are vegetarian festivals across the country and if you are intersted at all in the vegetarian lifestyle, I highly recommend you attend! It’s a great opportunity to check out all the tasty options out there for non meat eaters. At the Seattle VEG FEST this weekend, thirsty vegetarians got a gulp (or a can!) of cool refreshing ZEVIA to wash down those non meat eats. And here is ZEVIA’s very own Ian and Margaret veggin out.

Veg .. chill & enjoy!


SPRING BREAK is upon us … and healthy kids throughout the nation are let loose for a week of chilling and enjoying!  For many folks in Seattle, that means hittin’ the slopes.  Here is our delish ZEVIA orange refreshing 3 of our favorite fans Charlie, Scotty and Jack high atop a mountain in Whistler.  Where did you take your ZEVIA this Spring Break??

Shred powder .. chill & enjoy!

- Jessica

Expo West 2010

Abigail, Derek, Jamie, Jeff, Jessica at Expo 2010

Team ZEVIA (here see Abigail, Derek, Jamie, Jeff and me) always gets excited to take our show on the road and that is exactly what we did earlier this month at Natural Products EXPO West, the worlds largest trade show for natural and organic products. This year there was a record attendance: 56,000 from across the country including new brands like ours and alumni natural brands that everyone has heard of. We got to meet our customers (stores and everyday ZEVIA drinkers!), as well as our team members from across the country who help us get ZEVIA onto the lips of the thristy!!

EXPO is also a delicious event, as we get serious samples of every new natural food product on the market. And if you’re curious, based on what I saw at the show, here’s my What’s HOT in Natural Foods report, based on what I saw, tasted, and touched at EXPO: Stevia (our magic herb is growing in popularity, and tasting oh so sweet), Gluten Free, Puffed products (not baked, not fried, but air puffed in all sorts of shapes and sizes), Coconut Water, Products fortified with every fortification out there, Chocolate with all kinds of stuff in it (chili, spices, nuts!), and about every kind of nut butter under the sun (with flax! with chocolate!).

Our booth was buzzin and here’s what we know: there’s a reason we’re the #1 selling natural beverage. In the sea of natural products, there is only ONE drink that satisfies the thirst for something refreshing, natural and pure and ZERO calories . . . ZEVIA

Chill & enjoy!